Mark Gluck, Ph. D.

Professor of Neuroscience,
Center for Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience
Rutgers University - Newark
Co-Director, Memory Disorders Project at Rutgers-Newark
Publisher, Memory Loss and the Brain newsletter.

SENIOR STAFF: Reporting Directly to Mark

Lisa Haber-Chalom
(Lab Manager & Research Coordinator)

As Research Coordinator in the Gluck lab, I am responsible for the compliance of all documentation regarding human subject testing. I also help recruit subjects, maintain files on subjects/experiments, monitor the status of grants and collaborate on fundraising campaigns. I have an Admin. background, having worked in a variety fields including business, cultural and diplomatic in New York and in France.


Itamar Lerner
(Postoctoral Fellow) Sleep Research

My main scientific interests focus on combining neural network modeling with human behavioral experimentation in uncovering the mechanisms which contribute to cognition, from basic functions such as learning and memory to higher cognitive functions involving linguistic processing, semantics and associative thinking. I am particularly interested in the special role that sleep plays in enhancing cognitive functions of various levels of complexity, from simple pair-associates learning to gist extraction and insight. Lately, with our sleep research group in the Gluck lab, I have started to develop theoretical network models of sleep addressing some of the main relevant findings in literature, as well as running novel human experiments in sleep using mobile technologies which allow long-term monitoring in home environments.


Ashlee Shaw, Ph.D.
(Postdoctoral Fellow) African-American Brain Health and Aging

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Gluck lab at Rutgers University-Newark; I completed my Ph.D in psychology at the University of Connecticut, and received my B.S. in psychology at Vanderbilt University. I have also been a dance and fitness instructor for the past nine years. As a part of the African American Brain Health Initiative, I am able to combine my passion for psychology research with my passion for health and fitness, and do so in a way that is directly beneficial to the local community.


Neha Sinha
(Postdoctoral Fellow) Brain Imaging

I am interested in understanding the relationship between brain and behavior, and my long-term goal is to combine imaging and behavioral measures to develop functional hypotheses concerning the role of neural structures involved in learning and memory. My current research focuses on the roles played by the hippocampus and striatum in making recognition judgments. By working in Dr. Gluck's lab I hope to understand how psychiatric and neurological disorders affect the striatum and hippocampus, and also determine the cognitive correlates of striatal and hippocampal function in these disorders.

Joman Natsheh M.D.
(BNS Graduate Student, Postdoctoral Scientist) ADHD and Dopamine Medication

I am interested in studying the cognitive correlates and the effects of psychostimulants on the developmental trajectory in patients and animal models of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). My work at Gluck lab focuses on studying goal-directed behavior in children with ADHD to dissociate the cognitive correlates of the disorder from those of commonly used psychostimulants. Further, I study the effects of naturally occurring polymorphisms in dopamine and serotonin genes on cognition in healthy individuals.


Reporting to Postdoctoral Fellows to Senior Research Staff

Reporting to Mark Gluck

Suzanne Salamanca
Graduate PhD Student (School of Nursing)

I am a PhD student in the School of Nursing at Rutgers University and an Adult Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with 16 years of direct patient care experience. Most of my work in the acute care setting involved the recognition, characterization and treatment of neuropsychiatric disturbances in adult patients hospitalized in medical surgical units. I joined the Rutgers Community Health Center two years ago as part of an initiative to incorporate mental health services into the primary care setting. Providing on-site mental health services to residents of multiple Newark public housing developments has been both challenging and rewarding. I am eager to engage in research endeavors at the Gluck Lab on studies of PTSD in women survivors of sexual violence.

Aleena Dar
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

Currently, I am a first-year student in the Rutgers Newark- Honors College majoring in biology, minoring in chemistry. I'm a part of the Red Cross Corps, New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG), Minority Association of Prehealth Students, and the second cohort of the Health Professions Learning Community. During my time here at the Gluck Lab, I hope to gain genuine research experience surrounding the brain and the complex field of neuroscience, which I can hopefully apply to the lives of real patients as a physician in the future.

Saba Farid
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

I am a sophomore at Rutgers-Newark majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. I am a part of the Honors College at Rutgers-Newark, an active volunteer at a pharmacy in NYC and a volunteer in the Radiation Oncology/ Hematology departments at University Hospital. I also volunteer as a henna artist at community events in New York City. I hope to gain experience in research through the PTSD/ Violence Against Women studies to help me pursue a doctorate in medicine and become a well-rounded doctor.

Reporting to Itamar Lerner

Mathew Toegel
(NJIT Masters Student in Information Systems)

I'm currently working on my Master's at NJIT which should be completed by the Summer of 2014. My undergraduate focus was Information Technology with a game design concentration, but I've explored a lot of the development field in general. My courses consisted of heavy programming from Unity's game engine, Java, C++, C#, to web development technologies. I'm also familiar with native android programming. My latest focus has been with Javascript frameworks/libraries such as Backbone.js, Marionette.js, and some Node.js working towards deployment with phonegap/cordova.

Anosha Khawaja
(Research Assistant)

Having recently completed my Bachelor's in psychology at Rutgers-Newark, I am now assisting the Gluck Lab in research on the effect of sleep on cognition. I am particularly interested in the use of emotion regulation strategies and positive thinking to modulate negative emotions. I am pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist, specializing in working with depressed individuals.

Alan Tsai
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

I am currently a third year undergraduate student at Rutgers-Newark, majoring in physics and minoring in mathematics. I am part of Honors College, Be Jersey Strong, Red Cross Corps and Minority Association of Pre-health Students. I volunteer at University Hospital every week and work as an EMT with East Millstone First Aid Squad. As part of the Gluck Lab sleep study team, I hope to learn more about how sleep affects our cognitive functions. I would also like to gain some invaluable research experience that could help me pursue a career in medicine.

Vyvan Nguyen
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

I am currently a first year undergraduate BA/MD student at Rutgers University - Newark majoring in biology. I am part of the Honors College, Red Cross Corps, New Jersey Public Interest Research Group, and Minority Association of Pre-Health Students. I hope to gain research experience by participating in the sleep and cognition lab which will help me pursue a future career in the medical field.

Reporting to Neha Sinha

Chelsie Berg
(Post-Bacc Research Assistant)

I am a Research Assistants for the African-American Brain Health Initiative. I primarily recruit, screen, and run subjects on cognitive and physical measures as well as in the fMRI scanner. I received my B.A. from Rutgers University (New Brunswick) in psychology with minors in biology and cognitive science. In the future, I plan to pursue a doctoral degree in Cognitive Psychology or Behavioral Neuroscience in order to study learning and memory.

Tony Kerbaj
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

I am currently a sophomore undergraduate student in the Rutgers-Newark Honors College. I am a Biology major and Chemistry minor. I am a member of the Pre-Med Society, NSCS, Golden Key International Honor Society and Red Cross Corps. On weekends, I volunteer at the Jersey City Medical Center. As a part of the Gluck Lab, I hope to acquire knowledge regarding the role of neural structures involved in memory; and, learn more about the effects of Parkinsonís disease on behavior. Furthermore, I hope to gain invaluable research experience that could help me pursue an M.D. degree in the future.

Reporting to Ashlee Shaw &/or Solaleh Azimipour

Solaleh Azimipour
(AABHI Research Coordinator)

I am the Research Coordinator for the African-American Brain Health Initiative. I obtained my Masterís degree in Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. I have coordinated a Memory Disorders clinic and have been involved with the execution of research projects focused on neurodegenerative diseases. My work in research has been on Alzheimerís disease, MCI and associated risk factors that contribute to the development and progression of Alzheimerís. Iíve performed clinical interviews, neuropsychological testing, obtained collateral information and collaborated in the diagnosis and staging of neurodegenerative diseases. In the Gluck lab, I will be helping with subject recruitment, training of neuropsychological assessments, data management as well as preparing grant proposals.

Glenda Wright
(Community Research Coordinator)

Glenda Wright, AABHI Community Outreach Coordinator, is a longtime advocate for the under-served population in the metropolitan area of Essex County NJ. As a Director, for a local New Jersey nonprofit organization, she focuses on increasing the daily activities of the older Americans through health and outreach education.

Suseela Janakiraman
Graduate Student (Public Health)

I am currently completing my Master in Healthcare Administration in the Rutgers Newark School of Public Health. After graduating Medical School, I gained research experience in various medical fields such as Hematology/Oncology and Urology. In the Gluck Lab, I hope to gain experience in subject recruitment, testing, data analysis, community engagement as well as learn more about brain imaging and the relationships between aging and behavior.

Neeta Bauer
(Post Bac Research Intern)

I am a post baccalaureate student at Rutgers University with a B.S. in Business Administration. I aspire to get into a Clinical Psychology PhD program that has an emphasis in neuroscience. I am interested in the role of the brain in cognitive functioning, learning, and memory. As a fitness enthusiast myself, I look forward to working on a study that is interested in learning how exercise can help combat declines in cognitive functions and memory loss. With AABHI, I am excited about gaining experience in conducting research.

Pooja Saiganesh
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

I am a sophomore in the Honors College at Rutgers-Newark majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry. I am on the executive board of the Honors College Student Council (HCSC) and the Minority Association for Pre-Health Students (MAPS), work as a Peer Advisor in the Office of Academic Services, and volunteer weekly at University Hospital. I hope to combine my interest in psychology and neuroscience and gain research experience through the African-American Brain Health Initiative while pursuing a career in medicine.

Maisha Manzoor
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

I am a sophomore at the Rutgers-Newark Honors College majoring as a chemistry major and a history minor. I am also a peer mentor for the Health Professions Learning Community, a volunteer at University hospital, and an active member of the Minority Association of Pre-Health students. As a research assistant for the African American Brain Health Initiative, I am in charge of completing health screenings over the phone and reviewing them, updating the attendance sheet for the biweekly exercise classes, and other tasks as requested by my senior research scientists.

Isis Zhang
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

I am currently a first year undergraduate BA/MD student in the Honors College at Rutgers-Newark majoring in biology with a minor in business administration. I am a member of the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group, a contributor on the Observer, a member of the Minority Association for Pre-Health Students (MAPS), and have done concussion research at NYU in the past. Through the African-American Brain Health Initiative I hope to combine my interests in research and community outreach to gain invaluable experience that will help me become a more well rounded physician.

Taguy Mohamed
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

Sophomore, Major: Biology, Minor: Chemistry and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (MEIS). I am a sophomore undergraduate student at Rutgers-Newark on the pre-Health track majoring in Biology, and minoring in Chemistry and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (MEIS). I volunteer at both University Hospital and Verona Rescue Squad, where I'm on track to becoming an EMT. As a research assistant for the African American Brain Health Initiative, I hope to gain experience and fulfill my interests in both neuroscience and research.

Reporting to Mohammad Herzallah

Mobinuddin Ahmad
(Undergraduate Research Intern)

I am a junior in the Rutgers-Newark Honors College majoring in mathematics and with a minor in computer science and chemistry. I am also the Honors College Student Council Treasurer as well as a Peer Advisor for underclassmen. I joined the Gluck Lab to fuse my mathematical and premedical background and explore the vast field of neuroscience. Essentially, I hope to use what I learn at Gluck lab to become a more well-informed physician in the future.


Beverly Stacy

I am the owner of the web design firm Façade Interactive and have been developing websites and web applications for 16 years in the New York City area. I have extensive experience in web technologies, database creation and online applications. I have used this knowledge to create/edit GluckLab Online for over 4 years.

Connie Sadaka
Lab Secretary

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