Current Active Grants (as of November 2015)

MH-STT-15-001 (CoPI, Gluck) 8/15 – 8/20 $1,000,000
NJ Department of Health
State Partnership Initiative to Address Health Disparities
Title: Improving Mental Health and Physical Activity in Older African Americans in Newark: A State-University-Church Partnership

1461009 (PI, Gluck) 3/15/15 – 3/14/18 $561,728
Title: Neurocognitive Studies of Sleep and the Generalization of Emotion Learning and Threat Detection.
1R03AG044610-01A1 (MPIs, Gluck & Simon)12/23/13 – 12/23/15 $155,000
Title: Effects of genetics on reward learning and generalization of associations in aging.
5-39255 (PI, Gluck) 7/15 – 7/17 $160,000
RU-Newark: Chancellor’s Initiative Multidisciplinary Research Teams’ Award (IMRT)
Title: The Rutgers University¬–Newark Center of Excellence and Community-based
Participitory Research on African-American Brain Health
5-39255 (PI, Gluck) 7/15 – 7/16 $49,298
RU-Newark Seed Grant Funding
Title: Newark Brain Health Ambassadors, Scholars and Pioneers Program

Expired Rutgers Grants: 2005 – Present

1231515 (PI, Gluck) 9/01/12 – 8/31/15 $552,307
Title: Long-Term mobile monitoring and analysis of sleep-cognition relationship.
1 P50 NS 071675 (PI, Eidelberg, Co-I, Gluck) 9/01/10 – 8/31/14 $401,938
Subcontract from Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, P50 Udall Center of Excellence.
Title: Functional brain networks: A novel approach to address clinical challenges in Parkinson’s disease.
1 R21 MH095656 (PI, Gluck) 9/18/12 – 8/31/14 $298,346
NIMH/FIC Title: Brain disorders in the developing world: Collaborative research on learning and decision making in patients with Major Depressive Disorder.
Forest Research Labs (PI, Gluck) 1/01/12 – 12/31/12 $49,500
Title: African-American Alzheimer’s Awareness & Brain Health Initiative.
NIH/NIMH (PI, Gluck) 3/18/10 – 2/29/12 $154,331
Title: Serotonin Genes & Individual Differences in Reward vs. Punishment-Based Learning.
NSF (Co-PIs, Gluck, Delgado) 9/07 – 12/11 $540,000
Title: Interdisciplinary Study of the Striatum in Human Learning and Decision Making.
Through integration of fMRI studies in healthy normals with behavioral studies of patients with striatal dysfunction, we study under what conditions the striatum is involved in learning and decision making.
NSF Supplement (PI, Gluck) 9/09 – 12/11 $15,000
Title: Interdisciplinary Study of the Striatum in Human Learning and Decision Making.
Support summer student research.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals (PI, Gluck) 8/09 – 7/11 $46,000
Title: African-American Alzheimer’s Disease Health Literacy and Prevention Program.
Educate local Newark urban minorities on Alzheimer’s disease, healthy aging, and Memory loss prevention through community-based partnerships.
Bachmann Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Fnd (PI, Gluck) 1/1/09 – 8/30/11 $50,000
Title: How Dopaminergic Medication Impacts Learning and Decision Making in Parkinson's Patients.
Study Parkinson’s patients on and off medication to identify specific deficits associated with impaired reward and/or punishment sensitivity in feedback learning. Dekker Foundation Award.
Veterans Bio-Medical Research Institute (PI, Gluck) 7/1/10 – 6/30/11 $18,979
Title: Modeling brain of stress.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals. (PI, Gluck) 8/09 – 8/10 $36,000
Title: Newark African-American Alzheimer’s Disease Health Literacy Program.
Educate local Newark urban minorities on Alzheimer’s disease, healthy aging, and memory loss prevention through community-based partnerships.
Wyeth (PI. Gluck) 9/09 – 10/10 $12,000
Title: African-American’s and Alzheimer’s Disease Brochure.
Produce educational materials for minority mental health education.
The Association for Frontotemporal Dementias (PI, Gluck) 12/08 – 11/10 $60,000
Title: Insensitivity to Negative (Penalizing) Feedback for Inappropriate Behaviors in FTD linked to Orbito-Frontal Dysfunction. We study cognitive deficits in patients with Frontotemporal Dementia and correlate degree of sensitivity to negative feedback with extent of orbitofrontal damage in collaboration with Murray Grossman, MD, Co-PI, and the University of Pennsylvania Neurology Department.
NIDA: Subcontract from CPMC (PI, J. Mendelson) 5/08 – 4/10 $75,000
Title: MDMA Dependence and Discontinuation Syndrome.
This supplemental grant is for the development and piloting of repeatable-testing versions of several of our cognitive tasks to then be used by California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in their NIDA-funded studies of MDMA drug users.
NIH- 1 R13 AG029766-01A1 (PI, Gluck) 6/07 – 5/10 $25,000
Title: Early Detection of Alzheimer's Interdisciplinary and International Collaboration.
Support joint US-Israeli-Palestinian conference on Alzheimer’s disease in Jerusalem.
Bachman Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation (PI, Gluck) 12/07 – 6/10 $50,000
Title: Dissociating Cerebellar from Basal Ganglia Deficits in Learning and Cognition in DYT1 Gene Carriers. Using the eyeblink conditioning paradigm we examine cerebellar components of motor reflex learning in dystonia patients and compare them with their performance on striatal based cognitive skill tasks. In collaboration with Beth Israel Medical Center of New York, Neurology. Susan Bressman, MD, Co-PI.
RO1 NS047434 (PI, Gluck) 10/04 – 12/09 $618,670
NIH-NINDS Title: Feedback Learning and L-Dopa in Parkinson’s Disease.
The major goal of this project is to investigate learning and memory impairments in Parkinson’s disease, and the degree to which various kinds of learning are impaired, remediated, or unaffected by normal dopaminergic therapy in these patients.
NIH ARRA Supplement (PI, Gluck) 7/09 – 12/09 $23,175
Title: Feedback Learning and L-Dopa in Parkinson’s Disease.
ARRA supplement to support research internship and student
Pfizer, Essai, & Forest Laboratories 4/07 – 4/08 $54,000
Subcontract from Case Western University
Title: African-American Alzheimer’s Disease Health Literacy Program.
Educate local Newark urban minorities on Alzheimer’s disease, healthy aging, and memory loss prevention. Rutgers-Newark was on five sites in a national program.
JSMF21002055 (PI, Gluck) 4/04 – 8/07 $310,000
J. S. McDonnell Foundation
Title: Interdisciplinary Collaborative Consortium on the Cognitive Neuroscience of Category Learning.
The major goal of this consortium was to promote collaboration and exchange of Ideas among researchers studying the cognitive neuroscience of category learning (including theoretical/modeling work, clinical/patient studies, and behavioral and animal studies) through a series of conferences and funded exchanges of postdoc and graduate students between collaborating labs.
NSFBCS0223910 (Co-PIs, Gluck, Poldrack) 3/03 – 2/07 $345,000
NSF Cognitive Neuroscience Division
Title: Dissociating Medial Temporal Lobe and Basal Ganglia Contributions to Category Learning. The major goal of this project is to distinguish the memory deficits in individuals with medial temporal lobe (hippocampal) damage vs. individuals with basal ganglia damage (Parkinson’s disease).
005346-001 (PI, Gluck) 7/05 – 7/06 $45,000
Institute for the Study of Aging
Title: Novel Behavioral Screening Tools for Memory Assessment in Rodents and Humans. The goal was to develop a test battery for assessing cognitive decline and predicting dementia (including Alzheimer’s) in humans, and rodent analogues of these tests for use in intelligent drug discovery.
FA8750-05-2-0273 (PI, Gluck) 9/05 – 7/06 $172,000
DARPA Biologically-Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA) Program
Title: Interacting Brain Modules for Memory: An Adaptive Representations Architecture.
The major goal of this project is to work towards biologically-inspired computational systems that can capture the information processing and learning abilities of the brain.